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Well-Being at Work

We offer highly effective psychotherapy on site at your location. Our well-trained therapists will come to your office to help employees with the following:

Do you want to increase employee retention?

Improve how teams from different backgrounds succeed together?

Reduce the effects of personal issues in the workplace?

Benefits of on-site psychotherapy to companies:

Employees stay motivated and are more likely remain with the firm
Better productivity with less impact of anxiety, depression and family issues
Company seen as desirable place to work in terms of employee wellness
Improved team work and cross-cultural communication

On-Site Psychotherapy

What We Offer

Individual and group psychotherapy services on-site, within the office space of the client company. We help employees deal with stress, improve productivity, manage conflicts, and increase overall wellbeing.

How We Help

Psychotherapy means talking with a therapist face to face to understand and help resolve the employee’s issues. Some people seek out help for only a few sessions. Others really want to adjust how they communicate, make decisions and take care of their lives; they see a therapist for longer. Employees use therapy for severe urgent concerns and for growth and personal development. The overall goal is to help the employee function better, solve issues in the way of productivity, reduce stress and improve range of problem solving skills.

Easy Access

Sessions are usually 55 minutes long. We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna and McLaren insurances and cash payment. Employees pay using their own health insurance. The employer is not charged for this benefit. Wellness Psychotherapy offers therapy on-site, within the office space of the client company. This way employees do not need to take significant time off from work and can get help and relief more quickly.

Current Clients

We currently offer on-site psychotherapy to employees at large mortgage company in downtown Detroit. The HR department reports a very high level of satisfaction with our services. Team leaders have stated that employees are functioning better and have experienced relief as a result of on-site therapy. I can give more information upon request.


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